Visitor Management

With security awareness on the rise in all public places, it is still a sad fact that most places track their staff far more carefully than visitors or contractors on their sites. It is not uncommon to watch a staff member use a card or fingerprint to access the building, whilst unknown and poorly recorded visitors gain access through an open gate.

Companies today are demanding more information about the people visiting their sites, and combining AccessIQ with BIOVAULT and VisitorIQ allows the user to create a holistic visitor management system that when combined with the iPulse biometrics, provides access to selected areas on either a time-based or token-based scenario, thus controlling access to a specific time period such as 1 hour, or to a number of uses within a day, such as 3 tokens per access point.

Instant and live reporting allows a clear assessment of where visitors or contracts are on the premises, and provides significantly enhanced safety regulation compliance by being able to give an accurate picture of how many non-employees on are on site at any given point in time.