Vehicles and Drivers Licenses

Managing vehicles, and granting access to vehicles in restricted parking areas has become a major problem worldwide. iPulse uses a range of scanners such as the eSkan to scan and validate license discs on vehicles to confirm that the license of the vehicle is active, linked to the registration, and to provide accurate information about the vehicle such as its engine and chassis numbers,
colour, model and make – all in less than one second.

Combining this with the scanning of the driver’s license allows the extraction of the personal information of the driver, along with the validity of the license and a host of other data, making for an accurate and instant record of all data pertaining to both the driver and the vehicle, when using our AccessIQ.

Currently available in for South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia, iPulse is constantly expanding the supported country and state information, and is busy on projects in North America and throughout Africa to expand the support for other countries.

The uses for this product are almost limitless – from tracking drivers taking vehicles for a test drive, releasing keys at an unmanned car hire station, to managing access to a large stadium hosting an event such as a concert or ball game, iPulse is at the forefront of creating solutions that are constantly enhancing the options available to our partners and end customers through our unique and powerful offerings.