People Management

In today’s complex and tough business environment, effective and fair management of the people who drive your business is a critical element of success.

iPulse provides some unique capabilities in this regard, from managing staff work history and flow between branches of large distributed companies to ensuring that people are paid for the hours they work – no more and no less.

TimeIQ is an extremely powerful time & attendance application, designed to manage the complex shifts and working environments that are prevalent in large multi-national organisations such as McDonalds who need to centrally manage and pay tens of thousands of staff across hundreds of locations, whilst still ensuring that sufficient staff are at work to provide the service that their
customers require.

When combined with our iPB7 biometric reader, TimeIQ allows companies to have live data on who is at work, what shifts they are allocated to, and how many hours they have worked in the past 24 hours to 30 days – all at a glance on their tablets.

Bringing BIOVAULT into the mix takes the product to the next level, allowing corporations to centrally manage the take-on of new staff, thus ensuring that no fraud happens at branch level. What’s more, staff members can no longer move between branches without the management team knowing – a prevalent issue in companies who have branches everywhere.