Identity Management

One of the biggest watchwords in the world today, Identity Management is the core of the iPulse offering. At the centre of everything we do lies BIOVAULT – our cloud-based privacy compliant identity management database which allows individuals to enrol once, then share their data with
companies of their choosing.

BIOVAULT is unique in that whilst it uses a national identity as the basis for enrolling a person, thereafter the  company wishing to identify an individual can use any identifier, even their own personally created ones, to find and verify a specific individual.

BIOVAULTis the common thread running through all the iPulse offerings, allowing individuals to use their centrally stored ID to verify identity in a multitude of ways, from online transactions, to access control and visitor management.

iPulse concentrates of making sure that whatever the application, and wherever the need, a personis identified not by a user name and password, or card-based credential, but rather through abiometric verification that allows a non-repudiatable transaction to be created, validating a person’s identity at significantly enhanced levels of credibility to the afore mentioned options.