VisitorIQ is a high-level biometric visitor management system designed to replace the archaic hand-written Visitor Log with an advanced visitor system that provides modern access control features backed by accurate, searchable data in a digital format.

Health & Safety compliance

VisitorIQ allows you to display a video when someone makes use of the console. Videos can be set to repeat every few months, making VisitorIQ the ideal tool to help maintain OHASA compliance or introduce newcomers to your facility’s layout and guidelines.

No delays

From registration to enrollment to access activation, the entire process is designed to be as fast and simple as possible. Biometrics are transferred to the applicable devices within seconds of a visitor using the software, waiting times are kept to a minimum.


The existing pen-and-paper visitor log is no longer considered sufficient in terms of the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) act and may, in fact, be in direct violation thereof. VisitorIQ was built with POPI in mind and is 100% compliant with all established regulations.

Secure authorization

For server rooms and other sensitive areas that require additional layers of security, visitors can be set to require biometric authorization by employees that already have access to the area and have been granted authorization rights.

Time and token-based access

Grant visitors unlimited access for an hour or limit them to a single access token per reader within the constraints of the main schedule they’ve been assigned to - VisitorIQ provides finegrained control over who goes where and when they can do so.

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eSkan 250

The eSkan is a multi-function handheld barcode scanner and magnetic card reader with integrated wi-fi and USB connectivity. Capable of reading any 1D or 2D barcode, the eSkan 250 is ideal for the scanning and verification of South African and Zimbabwean drivers licenses or license disks on vehicles. A 3-track magnetic swipe head supports any card with a readable magnetic strip, displaying all information on a 160 x 100 pixel LED-backlit LCD screen.

Magnetic strip reader

The 3-track magnetic swipe head supports all cards with a readable magnetic strip and, with an optional upgrade, allows you to read the information embedded in all passports.

VisitorIQ integration

The eSkan can be integrated into VisitorIQ to add additional levels of functionality to your visitor management - automatically save Visitor data gathered from a driver’s license instead of looking it up on the national database, activate access the moment they arrive or have iPulse tailor the software to your particular needs.

Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Reading barcodes is as simple as point and shoot - information is displayed on the screen almost instantly, regardless of type. Scanned items are immediately uploaded to a pre-set folder on a computer via Wi-Fi communications that support all encryption standards.

On the move

116mm in length, 68mm in width and weighing in at a mere 170 grams, the eSkan 250 is supremely mobile and easy to handle.

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