iPB6 Identity


Designed around our advanced iPB-mainboard and its specialised Linux operating system, the iPB6 is one of the most intelligent, flexible and extensible biometric devices available.


Blazing speed is achieved through a highly tuned algorithm which identifies an individual in less than 1 second, from up to 10 000 locally stored users, making it perfectly suited to high-density environments.


An additional layer of security is provided by encrypting communications between the iPB6 and any connected IntelliRelays, negating the vulnerabilities of standard relays.


Connectivity is handled by auto switching 10/100 Ethernet with full DHCP, backed by a configurable Wiegand input/output supporting all standard formats. Ethernet ports for power and network cuts out needlessly complex wiring.

Built to last

The iPB6 has been built to last, as testified by the rugged polycarbonate casing and the pending dust- and weather-resistant IP65 rating. Interchangeable covers and keypads complete the image, allowing you to customise your device to suit your needs - be that for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Software Applications

The iPB6 is compatible with:

  • IQSuite
  • IdentityIQ
  • VisitorIQ
  • RelayIQ
  • TimeIQ
  • AccessIQ


The iPB6 is fully integrated into all our software packages, allowing full use of features like Visitor Management, Access Control, Time & Attendance and full BioVault support.


Whether you’d like to extend the way our software functions with a Service plugin of your own, pull information from the IQSuite database into your application or use our hardware with custom firmware written and managed by you, iPulse offers the development tools and expert assistance to do so.


  • 10 000:1 High-speed Matching
  • Highly secure IntelliRelay™
  • Full-colour 2.4” LCD Display
  • Ethernet (10/100 DHCP)
  • Wiegand Connection (In/Out)
  • Full offline feature support
  • BioVault support
  • Smartcard Verification
  • (HiD iClass SE Module) *
  • Simple installation
  • * Available as an optional extra


Biometric Features
Verification – PIN One-to-One (10 000 prints / 5 000 users)
Verification – HiD iClass SE One-to-One (Limitless)
Identification – Local Mode One-to-Many (10 000 prints / 5 000 users)
Identification – Server Mode One-to-Many (100 000)
Identification Performance 1:1 MiFare 0.8 secs, iClass 0.7 secs
Identification Performance 1:Many 10 000:1 in 0.7 secs
Transaction Logs Onboard ( > 1,000,000)
Minutiae Points 10-100 adjustable
FIPS 201 Compliance SDA04 sensor Optional
Wiegand Interface In & Out (Fully customisable)
Ethernet Port 10/100 MB auto-switching
IntelliRelay™ Secure Relay (max 255 devices)
Network Stacks TCP/IP (fixed or DHCP)
Display 2.4” active TFT LCD (hi-colour)
Keypad 14-key backlit tactile keypad
Smartcard - module type HiD iCLASS SE® Reader
Smartcard - supported formats iCLASS Seos, iCLASS SE,Standard iCLASS, FeliCa™ MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1
HID Prox
Bluetooth LE
General Specifications
Power HID Prox
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 45 °C
Environmental Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Sensor Type and Brand Optical/Secugen
Sensor Resolution 500 dpi
Physical Dimensions 127 x 207 x 75 mm (W x H x D)
IP Rating IP63 - dust & light weather resistant
Certification/Compliance ISO certified / South African
Unit Housing Polycarbonate casing - modular
Warranty 1 year (can extend to 3 years)
Language Support Yes (4 of 20 languages supported)
Operating System LINUX kernel