Certified Partners

iPulse Systems is a technology design company that specialises in developing holistic biometric technology solutions that comprise hardware, software and cloud based solutions. iPulse also offers simple and elegant integration solutions into existing software & hardware solutions. Based in Kempton Park, South Africa and with a branch in the United States, iPulse Systems takes products to market through a structured channel program.

This document clearly details the program, and is intended as an overview document for prospective partners who wish to participate in the sale, installation and support of the growing iPulse product range.

Unlike many other manufacturers, the iPulse Channel in South Africa no longer makes use of distributors. Instead, we deal directly with our partners, allowing us to manage and connect with our partners on a much more personal level. The document that follows clearly explains the different elements of the program, and allows prospective partners to see where they would best fit into the channel.



Understanding Tiers

iPulse partners are the interface between iPulse and the ultimate end users of the products, and ultimately, the lifeblood of our company. The reason for the existence of this program is to both build skills and reward loyalty within the partner base, whilst ensuring that the end customer receives a quality installation and service when choosing the iPulse products.

With the broad nature of the iPulse product offering, and the numerous market segments in which iPulse customers exist, there is a need to differentiate partners according to their specialisations, geography and focus.

iPulse therefore offers a managed, tiered partner program which caters for the different needs of the many partners currently enrolled in the program. All prospective partners need to start off by signing up to the program, and thereafter, depending on the size of the organisation, and the commitments to staff training and technical resources, will slot into the Tier 1 (Non-Certified), Tier 2 (Certified) or Tier 3 (Certified) categories.

Although the benefits of being a Tier 3 partner are significant, for many partners, the Tier 1 program offers a simple and easy way to engage with iPulse, whilst the Tier 2 program is a logical stepping stone for partners wishing to grow towards Tier 3 partner status over time.

Requirements for Program Membership

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Contract & Terms Signed Annually Yes Yes Yes
Verified Customer List x1 x3 x10
iPulse Certification : Sales Staff --- x1 x2
iPulse Certification : Technical Staff --- x1 x2
iPulse Certification : Installation Team --- x1 x2
Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey --- x1 x3
Multiple / Specific Geographic Locations --- --- Yes
Website & Collateral Logo Usage --- Yes Yes
Preferred Supplier Status --- --- Yes
Service/ Spare Stock Holding --- --- Yes
Targeted Quarterly/ Annual Turnover --- Yes Yes


As Tier 1 partners are NOT certified, we do not list them on our website, nor are they eligible for iPulse referrals and outsourced customers support contracts.




Benefits of Program Membership

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Access to Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
General Support Ticket Submission Yes Yes Yes
Premium Support Ticket Submission Charged x2/Month x5/Month
Telephonic Support Charged x1/Month x3/Month
Remote Login/ Troubleshooting Charged Charged x1/Month
Onsite Support (excludes travel) Charged Charged x1/Quarter
Free Training (Employees only) x2/Quarter x4/Quarter x8/Quarter
Private Onsite Training (anyone) Charged Charged x1/Quarter
Customised Marketing Materials Charged Yes Yes
Same-Day Repair Turnaround --- --- x5/Quarter

Unlike most OEM companies, iPulse supports all its partners directly and is available to assist with presentations, demonstrations and proof of concepts where required. In addition to this, iPulse markets its products and solutions directly to the end customer, and has a referral based program whereby participating partners can receive confirmed leads & opportunities at fixed pricing.

Certification & Testing

Tier 2 and Tier 3 partners are required to attend training on iPulse products, both from a sales and technical perspective, and to pass certification exams on these courses. Once certified, personnel are added to the iPulse BIOVAULT cloud-based identity management server, where they are linked to the partner installation code.

Certified individuals are the only ones who are allowed to access Admin functions in the IQSuite software applications, book Premium Support Tickets, receive telephonic support or request a remote login/ onsite support callout.

Depending on the success rate of support tickets, and the quality of information received, as well as based on their activity in the field, certified personnel MAY be required to retest their skills on an annual basis, at the discretion of the iPulse support team.