Office Parks

With the control of contractors and visitors becoming an ever-increasing need in large office parks,retail outlets and malls, iPulse created a unique solution in its AccessIQ software product that allows a fully automated guard book, using electronic vehicle and driver’s license scanning to ensure accuracy & integrity of data whilst at the same time protecting the personal information in terms of privacy acts.

Combining AccessIQ with BIOVAULT and VisitorIQ allows the user to create a holistic visitor management system that when combined with the iPulse biometrics, provides access to selectedareas on either a time-based or token-based scenario, thus controlling access to a specific time period such as 1 hour, or to a number of uses within a day, such as 3 tokens per access point.

Instant and live reporting allows a clear assessment of where visitors or contracts are on the premises,and provides significantly enhanced safety regulation compliance by being able to give an accurate picture of how many non-employees on are on site at any given point in time.