The mining industry is known as one of the toughest industries in the world and iPulse Systems, in conjunction with G4S Secure Solutions Africa have built a unique solution combining the almost indestructible iPB7 biometric reader with the G4S XTime software to provide a powerful solution that meets the exacting standards required.


Using the iPulse open source development platform, the G4S Secure Solutions Africa technical team
were able to develop their own firmware on the iPB7 biometric reader, allowing them
to use the powerful iPBX mainboard as a controller.

The end result is a seamless solution which is able to perform hundreds of validations and checks, directly at the point of scanning, without creating any holdups at the busy morning turnstiles. Integration with devices such as breathalysers, scales and vehicles is easily achieved as the iPB7 biometric reader is able to communicate directly to these devices, and act as the local decision making resource without needing to consult a server, thus increasing speed and decreasing potential points of failure.

To date, the iPulse/ G4S solution has over 3,000 iPB7 biometric readers installed at locations
throughout Africa, and successfully performs millions of transactions a month.