Fast Food

The fast food industry is a hugely competitive space in which players compete endlessly to differentiate their offerings whilst maintaining quality, service and competitive pricing.

Key to ensuring this, especially given the hugely distributed nature of the business into hundreds of smaller entities often thousands of miles from their head office, is managing staff. And key to managing staff is controlling their times at work.

Knowing how many people are on site, accurately controlling how many hours they have worked, and managing issues such as overtime, labour laws and allowed breaks is critical to any successful decentralised operation.

iPulse Systems has created TimeIQ to address this specific market niche, and provide a service tailored to the unique requirements of this sector.

Combined with the iPB7 biometric readers, TimeIQ provides a central view of hundreds or thousands of separate franchise or head office owned stores in a single central server. With management tools such as tablet based reporting and problem-site filtering, the solution is unique in its ability to create a simple mechanism for accurately managing and paying thousands of staff across hundreds of shifts with an almost endless number of parameters.