Data Centres

Data centres are growing at an explosive rate throughout the world, as the internet consumes more and more data every day, and the appetite for data storage and online services continues to grow unabated.

iPulse Systems has created a unique solution for data centres, allowing them to harness
the power and security of biometric devices, without the significant costs associated with
trying to implement a device on every cabinet.

Using the uniquely designed, 485-based IntelliRelay’s, a solution was designed that uses AssaAbloy locks to control access to the cabinets, and 1 iPB7 reader is able to drive up to 100 relays,with individual permissions per cabinet door, for up to 50 connected cabinets off a single biometric device.

Currently the de facto standard in data centre management in Southern Africa,
the iPulse data centre solution is now available throughout North America and
the Middle East.