About iPulse Systems

Company Overview

Founded in 2007, iPulse Systems (Pty) Ltd is an award-winning, industry market leader committed to developing advanced next generation solutions across a range of biometric and security systems. With a full range of internally developed and manufactured hardware devices, a series of software products called the IQSuite, and a cloud-based identity management platform called BIOVAULT, iPulse Systems is able to provide remote identity management solutions, tiered access control, visitor management, time & attendance coordination, physical & logical security, building management systems and remote management of home & office security.

As a privately owned technology design company, iPulse Systems is unlike most other vendors in that its commitment to ownership of IP and a single-stop solution results in a product set that ranges from the hardware design & manufacture, through to the firmware and underlying infrastructure, up to the end users’ desktop and beyond into the cloud.

With a reputation for exceptional service and the ability to integrate into any existing platform with ease, iPulse products are able to address an almost inexhaustible array of requirements.

As a winner of multiple innovation and technology awards, iPulse Systems is a rapidly growing company that has market share across multiple industry verticals and its ever-expanding portfolio of offerings have been implemented in a significant number of blue chip companies.


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Mission Statement

To be the market leader in the design & manufacture of complete customer-centric solutions encompassing biometric devices

Channel Model

iPulse is primarily an OEM manufacturer, and works through a combination of distribution partners and a Managed Tier Partner Program to reach the end customer. iPulse uses a direct marketing strategy to drive pull through business into the channel, whilst also working closely with our distribution and Tier 1 partners on specific market segments.