Throwing the book at visitor management

We're all very familiar - and generally not very fond of - the ubiquitous Visitor's Book you'll find at every gated community, office park and front desk in the country.

In a recent article Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine, one of the foremost publishers in the South African security space, talks to iPulse CEO Gary Chalmers and a number of other experts in the industry about the implications of and concerns around visitor management as well as what the future holds for it.

From the article

Gary Chalmers, CEO at iPulse Systems, points out that the visitors’ book is no longer compliant under any privacy laws, and even less so under the PoPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act. Using an electronic identity collection mechanism, such as iPulse Systems’ eSkan or VisitorIQ console, allows for automated and accurate collection of real data, which can be managed and stored according to privacy law standards. More importantly, it can also be reported on, giving accurate and valid data when required for events such as theft, fire, visitor history or even Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance reporting.

All interviewees agree that visitor management can be integrated with access control solutions. Chalmers in fact believes that a visitor management system that is not integrated into one’s access control system is an unacceptable breach of security. “It fascinates me that organisations will spend millions of Rand implementing an access control system to control the entry of their staff, then simply allow a security guard to hold open a boom for a person or group of people, about whom little is known.”

You can continue reading this article on the Hi-Tech Security Solutions website.