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  • IT Trust and iPulse entered into a partnership for the rollout of a full T&A biometrics solution for McDonalds branches nationwide. Among other things, iPulse handled the supply of fingerprint readers and the development of required time and attendance software. Services received by IT Trust in this regard have been utterly professional and we look forward to further growth of the partnership in future.
    Karl Germishuysen
    IT Trust
  • We have tested many biometric products. iPulse offers an amazing service, whereby it's possible to change the systems to accommodate client requests. With other products this customisation is difficult to replicate. We have a long-standing partnership with iPulse that allows us to meet the exact needs of our customers; iPulse's development team is always ready to try to accommodate any specific requirements and the products always deliver.
    Davi Garcia, Managing Director
    Ecco Access Systems
  • The manner in which iPulse engages with its internal and external environments promotes excellence and professionalism, and positions it to stimulate the next generation of innovators and technology developers.
    Derek Hanekom
    Minister of Science and Technology
  • Having real-time data always available at head office makes managing the group as a whole much easier and more effective.
    Jo-Ann De Wet
    McDonalds South Africa
  • It's a no-brainer. Every single business in South Africa is looking for a tool to automate access control, and VisitorIQ makes this process simple and easy to use for everyone. In addition, it is not expensive to implement - particularly when you consider the value it provides.
    Davi Garcia, Managing Director
    Ecco Access Systems
  • Our customers have commented on the system and it gives them the confidence to secure their IT systems in our datacentre.
    Craig MacPherson
    Internet Solutions
  • The technology is fast and effective and allows very little to no chance of breach. It also allows for various forms of communication such as LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi or GPRS. No longer do you need expensive dedicated backbones just for the access control system; simply jump onto the existing network, point to the correct server and you're done. Rest assured, it really is that simple.
    Richard Brooke-Smith
    G4S Secure Solutions
  • The system integrated easily into our payroll and we have noticed up to an 60% reduction in the time taken to complete weekly time reports. The support from the iPulse team has been fantastic.
    Kerisha Naidoo
    Mediterranean Shipping company (MSC)
  • We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with iPulse, they are a fantastic partner who offer high quality products at very competitive prices. The reliability of their hardware and impeccable service towards clients and partners makes us confident in their offerings.
    Ed Curthoys, Sales Director
    G4S Secure Solutions

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    Privacy and visitor management

    The right to privacy and the guarantee thereof is becoming more important in visitor management, and penalties for neglecting this issue will soon be enforceable.
  • 09

    Andre Nel Appointed to iPulse Board

    Andre Nel has joined iPulse Systems, both as a shareholder, and director. In addition to joining the iPulse South Africa board of directors, Andre has taken on the role of President of iPulse Systems Inc, the US-based operation of iPulse Systems International.
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    Industry experts on the future of biometrics in security

    In a recent article by Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine, one of the top security industry publications, Andrew Seldon interviewed several of experts in the South African security sector to find out what they consider to be the current state of biometrics and, more importantly, what it is that they envision for the near future. As one of the featured experts iPulse's CEO, Gary Chalmers, had the following to say: “I suspect that 2016 is going to be a defining year for the industry and that lots of new technologies and industry changing products will make their way to the forefront in the coming 18 months. This will herald some of the biggest changes our industry has ever seen.” Read the article for more opinions and predictions by some of the industry's leading figures.
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    Faster, easier, cheaper and more reliable than ever

    To find out more about the state of biometrics and for a glimpse into the near future, Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few experts for their take on this thriving industry.

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